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  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement
  • 10/1/2017

    I’ve added a genetic risk assessment and method statement to my documents page.

    I have had them in draft format for most of the year, as I have had to use them for some work this week I decided to finalise the paperwork and add it to my web page.

    As the business is growing and becoming established it is best to get the building blocks in place. Feel free to view them and any comments would be welcome and we can share best practices amongst ourselves.

  • Busy March
  • 3/23/2017

    We have had a busy March, the weather has been against us for quiet a number of days this month. We had hoped to of upgraded to a towable chipper by know, this has been put on hold for a few months while we concentrate in growing the business.
    We have looked at what or options are for our vehicle, we probably need to get a tipper truck in the next few months. But the usual question is what is the best type of vehicle to buy, single or double cab. Ford,Iveco,Nissan Cabstar just to name a few.
    Biggest tree removal to date.
    We removed our biggest tree to date, a large Silver Birch in Creigiau, Cardiff.
    See our video section, sorry for the poor editing in advance but it was my first attempt in reducing 60 minutes of footage down to 16 minutes. Jamie really enjoyed the climbing challenge and there was a lot of waste for us to process. We managed to do this with our present set up, but it would of been a lot easier if we had up graded or equipment. I guess we will appreciate it when we do.
    Nesting birds
    Nesting bird season is upon us, so we have to be careful when working on trees, even today we had to stop work on a large conifer hedge as we found a Black birds nest with eggs in it. We had to explain to the customer and they were more than happy that we noticed it and they will call us back when the birds have left the nest.

  • Looking forward to growing the business.
  • 2/19/2017

    Trying to follow our business plan that we drew up when the business was first conceived towards the end of 2014. Trees2go finally got off the ground in 2015. We have had a good couple of years and as all new businesses we have learnt a lot along the way. Hopefully you will be able to follow us as we have new experiences, we will try to add to the blog regularly.

    Over the next few months we will be checking out some additional equipment to make our lives easier and the business more efficient.

  • Purchase of towable chipper
  • 9/21/2017

    Greenmech 130 v Timberwolf 160
    Well we finally came to a decision on our first towable sub 750kg. chipper, we were originally looking at the Timberwolf 160, seemed to tick most of the boxes for us.
    My concerns were the feed openings, no bonnet over the engine and I did not like the single tube tow bar.
    When we had a look at the Greenmech Arborist 130,the feed opening was more letterbox shape, the engine had a bonnet and it also had a traditional towing arm plus it is a braked trailer which the TW was not.
    Our local dealer was also a GM authorised dealer, who gave us a good price. Once our decision was made we had the chipper within a couple of weeks.

    As you can see we have put a chip box on the back of our Ford Ranger, made from ply, only took an evening to make. Ordered the signs, all done in a couple of days. This set up is ok for most days, but our next upgrade is a tipper truck.
    We normally find we have to empty the chip box twice a day as the GM is rated at 3.5 tons per hour of chip, we are very impressed by it, along way from a 3.5 inch gravity fed chipper that we started with.
    ​Jobs have become a lot easier as we all know our business quickly becomes a waste management business, we are less tired at the end of the day and we have little reason now to haul brash etc, to a recycling plant and pay to get rid of it. We now have a good network of sites that take our chip.

    What next

    As said above we are looking for a suitable tipper truck. The pickup unfortunately will have to go which is a pity as I really like it. Pulls like a train and has served us well since having a new head put on the engine.
    ​Now we have the chip side of things sorted out, we need to sort out our logs. Would like to buy a few acres of land or even a woodland in the future to get our log sheds up and having another income stream. A stump grinder would also be nice, a yard maybe.

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